Composite Manufacturing Platform

Composite materials are produced by combining several components with properties that complement each other. Composites are found in the automotive, aeronautics, electronics, telephony, sports and medical sectors. LIST's Composite Manufacturing Platform provides pre-industrial research infrastructure and key skills in the field of composite materials, including polymer processing, the manufacture and welding of structural composites, and analysis and testing of composite materials.

The purpose of the platform is to further fuel the development and processing of innovative materials. Its key aims are:

  • To act as a catalyst at national level for the development and implementation of manufacturing technologies for advanced composite materials;
  • To establish pre-industrial research infrastructures supported by specific skills in the composite materials field in Luxembourg;
  • To focus on collaborative research and the transfer of technology and knowledge, primarily for national industry;
  • To host and coordinate shared laboratories with manufacturers.

The Composite Manufacturing Platform consists of three laboratories:

  • A polymer processing laboratory that makes it possible to process polymers at every scale, from grams up to hundreds of kilograms (pre-industrial scale);
  • A structural composite manufacturing laboratory that enables the development of material combinations and innovative processes;
  • A thermal analysis laboratory, dedicated to a broad range of advanced techniques to determine the thermophysical properties of materials and thus characterise their thermal behaviour.


Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

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