Cooperation models

Why work with LIST?

We take a customer- and solution-centric approach to accelerate your innovation. With dedicated Partnership and Business Development teams to give you access to our expertise in environment, materials and IT, we offer a range of partnership models to find the perfect fit for your needs. Depending on the project, national and European co-funding may be available.

Cooperation models

Contract research

Your main mid-term, result-oriented avenue to our scientific and technological excellence: our experts take on your technological challenge and deliver a high-impact solution

How it works

  • You entrust LIST to solve your technological challenge.
  • We jointly define the scope of the project.
  • We provide a technical and financial proposal.
  • You finance the project, possibly with national or European co-funding support.
  • We deliver the solution.
  • Ownership of created IP is negotiated before starting the project.

Key example

A global tire manufacturer wanted to improve the treatment of the steel wires used in its tire products. LIST experts in composite materials developed an innovative ‘dry’ atmospheric plasma treatment that is lighter than the traditional ‘wet’ treatment, saves space, decreases the risk of pollution and provides better regulatory compliance.

Resource sharing

For results that help you quickly achieve your innovation objectives: we share our highly-qualified experts with your company, or set up a joint laboratory to work on commonly defined projects.

How it works

  • We set up a project to allow your company to host researchers or share highly qualified LIST experts, possibly co-funded with national or European support.
  • We set up a common laboratory, possibly with staff from both organisations, to work on commonly defined projects.

Strategic R&D partnership

For long-term, far-reaching results that require a range of expertise: we jointly define a framework contract for a mid- to long-term R&D partnership based on your innovation roadmap.

How it works

  • Based on your innovation roadmap, we jointly define a mid- to long-term R&D partnership.
  • A steering committee pilots the partnership and decides upon priorities, specific projects and actions.

Key examples

LIST has a long-term strategic partnership with a global engineering company, developing innovative fire retardant treatments for their building and construction products.

Contact us

Contact our Partnership team to begin a long-term relationship with LIST and achieve the innovative, far-reaching results you’re looking for. 

Technological services

For short-term results to solve a specific problem: leverage our technological expertise, including testing, measurement, analysis, innovation management, and method or software development.

How it works

  • You leverage our technological expertise in specific and identified areas of expertise in the fields of testing, measurement, analysis, innovation management, methods and software development.

Key examples

  • you are an industrial company and would to have a batch of components analyzed for durability
  • you are a construction company and would like to implement a new tool to improve collaboration between stakeholders
  • you are a start-up and would like to visualize the cradle-to-cradle environmental performance of your product

We offer a wide range of standardized and made-to-measure services. Get access to cutting-edge laboratories, equipment and methods to meet a specific need. Discover our service offer now!

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