National & international cooperation

At the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), we take a co-construction approach based on trust, openness and dialogue to work alongside our partners. In terms of cooperation, our action is threefold:

Promoting "Made in Luxembourg" innovation

The objective is to support and promote homegrown innovation in Luxembourg. LIST's European dimension is already considerable, as nearly 50% of its business is currently conducted at the European level. LIST is also an active member of several European networks, including the European association of RTOs (EARTO), whose annual conference it hosted in 2015. On an international level, LIST is active in several programmes led by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. These activities will be strengthened in the next few years with the goal of becoming a Luxembourg ambassador for excellence and enabling the emergence of new business opportunities, especially for Luxembourg businesses.

Pro-actively meeting business leaders, from SMEs as well as large groups

As an RTO, LIST aims to build a bridge between basic research and commercial or industrial applications. The objective is to jointly develop a competitive ecosystem in which services and industry play a part. Cooperations with many prominent industries are already under way. These contacts with the business world are facilitated by the proximity with Luxinnovation and the clusters.

In this view, LIST adopts a collaborative approach with strategic activities managed by multiple partners. The objective is twofold: to enable Luxembourg companies to pool their equipment in order to reduce costs and become more competitive on the international market and to enable Luxembourg to have greater international visibility and consequently attract foreign companies. Discover the High-Performance Computing project for Europe.

Working closing with all the players in research and innovation

At a national level, LIST collaborates with the National Research Fund (FNR), Luxinnovation, the clusters, Technoport, the University of Luxembourg, to speed up the marketing of innovative solutions. Cooperation between research and innovation stakeholders is facilitated by their proximity on a single site, the Belval Innovation Campus. Stimulating a unique dynamic in the integrated design of innovation between the public and the private sectors, this closeness represents a real competitive factor for Luxembourg

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