Our governance


  • Georges Bourscheid, chairman of the Board of Directors, former CEO of GUARDIAN LUXGUARD 
  • Hubert Jacobs Van Merlen, vice-chairman of the board of directors, former chairman and CEO of IEE S.A. 
  • Amal Choury, member, CEO of eKenz 
  • Nicolas Gengler, member, professor at the University of Liège 
  • Etienne Jacqué, member, Corporate R&D Manager at CEBI International S.A.
  • Isabelle Kolber, member, head of laboratory at SEBES 
  • Eva Kremer, member, deputy director of SNCI 
  • Marie-Christine Mariani, member, director of MCM Steel 
  • Diane Wolter, member, former philantropic counsellor at Banque de Luxembourg.
  • Gaston Schmit, commissaire de gouvernement, principal gouvernment counselor at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

EXECUTIVE management

Dr Fernand REINIG
Chief Executive Officer ad interim


The Annual Report 2017 of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is available for download (PDF 3.2MB).


Download LIST annual report!

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