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Mission, Vision and Values


LIST brings together diverse and complementary skills in information and communication technologies, environmental technologies, biotechnologies and advanced materials. This unique grouping makes it possible to create synergies essential for building a reinvented economy and society. In this way, LIST enables adopting of a holistic approach to complex problems such as rejuvenating industry, modernising mobility, digitalising the economy, the sustainable management of energy and natural resources, and space technologies. Our aim: to be a catalyst for high-impact innovation.


LIST aims to become the benchmark for research and innovation in the environment, informatics, materials and space. As a trusted partner for Luxembourg businesses, universities and public institutions, we aim to become a game changer. This starts with projects that are carried out locally, but which could potentially have a European-wide or even global impact. We want to position Luxembourg as a model for Europe and the world. The size of the country enables us to make quick progress and generate high-impact innovations in good time for our partners and our country. By doing this, we want to pave the way for a new generation of RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations) with local impact and global standing.

Our Values:

Focus on people

At LIST, we created an open, agile and positive culture, based on ownership and accountability. We strive to nurture our existing talents and attract new ones to be at the forefront of technological development in our research fields, thus giving Luxembourg international prestige. To do this, we rely on a culture of transparency, high safety standards, recognition of our employees, and respect for people and decisions, and we promote a spirit of entrepreneurship within our organisation.

Excellence in all we do

At LIST, we are not just at the cutting edge of our time's major scientific and technological subjects. We go beyond the cutting edge, setting up ambitious projects, exploring complex and high-risk fields, and addressing global challenges. We are a bold partner, ready to take the risks that our industrial partners cannot bear alone in their innovation processes. Our aim is to provide useful and beneficial innovations for society by excelling in everything that we do. To achieve this, everyone has a role to play, from our researchers to our administration and support teams.



Passion for impact

LIST develops innovative and competitive solutions to meet Luxembourgish and European companies' key needs and society as a whole. To strenghthen their innovation projects, we transfer our applied research to support public and private organisations, whether large industrial groups, SMEs or public administrations. We therefore help to make the country more attractive and competitive. We are working on projects that benefit society, the planet and quality of life in general. In a nutshell, LIST is building the Luxembourg of tomorrow: a smart economy based on industrial and service transformation and committed to sustainable and responsible development.

Commitment to our stakeholders

LIST works on projects with substantial added value for the market, on short and long-term research and innovation requests. We strive to understand our partners' needs and offer them the flexibility and agility that they need to optimise their time to market. We believe that strategic research and applied research are mutually reinforcing. Therefore we work with our partners in a “push and pull” dynamic: we pro-actively propose innovations that will contribute to our industrial partner’s technological roadmap, and, at the same time, adapt our research agenda to their innovation needs. We work not only with private sector partners, but also with those in the public sector such as the Luxembourg Ministries of Agriculture, Defence, the Economy and the Environment as well as our Luxembourg research partners: the University of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER).

Responsible and independent research

LIST participates in responsible, inclusive and sustainable research and innovation. This involves anticipating and assessing the potential implications and societal expectations regarding research and innovation. To this end, we involve the stakeholders of society (researchers, citizens, policymakers, companies, etc.) and work together throughout the research and innovation process, to better align both the process and its results with the values, ethical principles, needs and expectations of society.

Sustainable by design

Sustainable Development is most often defined as development meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. LIST recognises the interdependencies of economic, environmental, and social dimensions of sustainability and considers that its organisational performance and impacts have to be managed and measured according to all of these. LIST will be a pioneer in sustainability by design, striving to develop new technologies that provide a specific function or service while minimising their environmental footprint on climate change, resource use, ecosystems, human and environmental health, and biodiversity from a lifecycle perspective. The integration of design and system thinking should become a driver to spur sustainable innovation at LIST. Altogether, LIST seeks to be at the forefront of developing technologies that will enable the switch to decarbonisation in all major emitting industrial sectors, including green digital technologies.

Ethics at LIST

The  European  Commission  promotes  the  development  and  implementation  of  responsible  research  and innovation practices with the aim of fostering inclusive and sustainable research and innovation. LIST is committed to this approach and hereby presents its Code of Ethics, which contains principles guiding
the conduct of both its research and innovation activities and its business and administration practices. These principles are the basis of the assessment of projects, plans and practices in our organisation. As such, this Code is the reference for the work of the LIST Ethics Committee.

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Diversity and Inclusion at LIST

At LIST, we strongly believe in the benefits of a more inclusive culture. We are willing to review our key priorities to be truly inclusive. LIST's approach goes beyond diversity and inclusion in terms of gender or ethnicity, but considers differences in a broad sense. This approach not only increases the creativity, innovation and performance of our teams, but also attracts and retains new talent! LIST is committed to promoting a more inclusive corporate culture, where everyone can contribute their strengths and qualities to the LIST strategy and develop their potential, regardless of their ethnicity, beliefs, age, gender or sexual orientation.

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