Our ambition

To help build tomorrow's Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. It is under the trusteeship of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The creation of LIST is formalized in the Article 29 of the Law of 03/12/2014 on the organization of the Public Research Centres. LIST's missions are in the law's Article 30.

Our mission is twofold. We contribute to Luxembourg’s reputation through our participation in several targeted research areas among the best RTOs in Europe, and by doing so, accelerate the country’s socio-economic development. Put in a nutshell, LIST contributes strongly to building the Luxembourg of tomorrow.

To be the catalyst of national ambition in innovation

We align our strategic priorities with the Luxembourg government's strategy of economic diversification. Our strategy is based on a matrix organisation where the three technology departments develop the expertise, know-how and associated technologies to support four sectoral, interdisciplinary programmes: Smart Cities, Smart Finance, Smart Space, and Smart Manufacturing.

We then transfer our applied research to support public and private companies, be they large groups or SMEs, to strengthen their innovation projects. We therefore help enhance the country’s competitiveness and its position as a global hub for excellence in research and innovation.

To accelerate the marketing of technological innovations

We foster synergies with the different key players in innovation in Luxembourg and working closely with the world of business and industry.

To be a positive driving force for industry and innovation in Luxembourg

Together with our various institutional and private partners, we must actively contribute to the reindustrialisation of Luxembourg. With this in mind, we are not only active in building up long-lasting partnerships with the key economic players in Luxembourg, in order to consolidate their local presence. We are also developing a strategy of cooperation across Europe and worldwide in order to enhance Luxembourg's visibility, industrial appeal and welcome.

To promote Luxembourg as a testbed of European innovation

Luxembourg stands out because of its central European location and single-scale factor, from city neighbourhoods to the countryside. Accordingly, at a time in which the greatest innovations need a testing ground before being put into operation on a wider scale, Luxembourg offers unique possibilities for rolling out innovative products and services which enable them to be tested out on various levels.

To provide advice and expertise for national policies

Our mission is also to support, through innovation and research, the definition, implementation and evaluation of national policies. You can get more info about the national Helpdesk provided by LIST

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