Experienced Research-Engineer in Bioprocessing (M/F)

Reference : ERIN-2020-017

Type: Engineer
Contract type: Permanent contract
Place: Hautcharage



Your work environment

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. By transforming scientific knowledge into technologies, smart data and tools, LIST empowers citizens in their choices, public authorities in their decisions and businesses in their strategies.


You will be part of the LIST Environmental Research and Innovation department

The “Environmental Research and Innovation” (ERIN) department, made up of 180 life science, environmental, provides the interdisciplinary knowledge, expertise and technologies to lead on solutions including the major environmental challenges facing society such as climate change mitigation, ecosystem resilience, sustainable energy systems, efficient use of renewable resources, and environmental pollution prevention and control.

The research engineer will join ERIN's Environmental and Industrial Biotechnologies (BIOTECH) unit. This RDI unit has developed expertise in:

  • Proofing new concepts using metabolic engineering and integrative biology approaches for the production of biomolecules of industrial interest produced by plants or microorganisms
  • Developing new biotechnologies and processes to control, treat and remediate environmental pollutions and developing bio-process engineering solutions to convert natural resources into energy and molecules for industry

The selected candidate will more specifically join the Plant Biotechnologies research group which, among others, develops new concepts, products and services based on integrative biology and biotechnological approaches for the valorisation of plant biomass as feedstock of molecules for renewable industrial products and the white biotech sector. The group activities are centred around phytofactory. LIST developed a bioprocess platform that allows using plant cells and chassis organisms cultures as one of the most efficient solutions to produce complex and high added value compounds, which are difficult to either produce chemically or extract from available biomass. The selected research engineer will play a key role in the future valorisation of plant-based molecules for industrial applications.




The selected research-engineer will be expected to develop a strong innovation activity in plant and chassis organism culture and successfully define RDI projects in relation to these. She/he will be expected to bring her/his expertise to reinforce the team in industrial biotechnologies.

More specifically, the research-engineer's objectives will span the industrial value chain starting from the upstream bioprocesses of cell factories and will require knowledge of bioprocesses' optimization to prepare the transfer to the scale-up phase.

Expertise on bioprocess technologies for production of proteins and complex metabolites from plant cell and chassis organism culture is required for this position. Experience in scaling-up from lab to pilot scale, as well as a proven track record of working closely with industry and understanding industrial needs would be considered as important assets.

Furthermore, the main responsibilities of the selected candidate will include to:

  • Define and manage as a PI new project activities in bioprocesses, including writing and submitting proposals for competitive funding and collaborative funding with industrial partners
  • Understand and formalise needs of private/public partners regarding technological developments
  • Contribute to the creation of intellectual property rights (patents, licences, etc.)
  • Formulate innovative/ technologic concepts




Educational background

  • Master, ideally PhD in agronomy or biology, or related disciplines

Required seniority

  • 10 years of professional experience
  • Recognised knowledge and technical expertise in plant and microbial cell culture production in lab and pilot scale precision bioreactors
  • Knowledge of plant / microbial cell biology and cell culture techniques (aseptic processing, cell line development, stirred-tank and wave bioreactors, etc)
  • Ability to work with a team and ability to communicate effectively with students, colleagues, and external stakeholders
  • Experience in proposal writing and project acquisition
  • Excellent writing and reporting/presentation skills (scientific level)
  • Ability to work effectively in confidentiality with the industrial partner is required
  • Customer- and result-oriented attitude
  • Industrial experience would be considered as an asset
  • Able to handle multiple projects and changing priorities
  • Being a strong team-player and having the ability to collaborate effectively on complex projects are a must
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve problems, while maintaining a positive attitude is required
  • The candidate should be highly motivated, pro-active and open for new challenges

Technical skills

  • The candidate will have hands-on experience with plant cell cultures and production of plant cells and/or chassis organisms using mL to 300-500 L scale bioreactors

Language skills

  • English is mandatory
  • Knowledge of French / German / Luxembourgish will be considered as an asset



Candidates interested in the above position can apply online on our website www.list.lu
The application file should include:

  • A CV (including a list of the most relevant realisations)
  • A motivation letter
  • The names of two or three referees


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Dr Jean-François HAUSMAN

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