TECHDAY 2021 Flagship Technologies


8 of the latest prototypes, research demos and high-potential solutions by LIST!

Meet our outstanding researchers & developers to exchange on opportunities and talk about the breakthrough potential of new technologies in domains such as Energy transition, Digitial transition, Global technologies innovations for the 21st century transportation.

BOOTH 1: A unique high capacity, small volume, and automatic water sampler

In the light of the impacts of global climate change on water resources, there is a pressing need for a better understanding of the water life cycle, as well as for accurate water management. And this is where the LIST unique water sampler prototype comes into play!

Discover how LIST’s field-deployable, portable and automatic water sampler prototype can become an essential tool for any stakeholders: from hydrologists to local authorities and research organizations.

BOOTH 2: “Plant stem cell” for new compound and ingredient production, a use case: apple and conjugated triterpenes

From anti-aging creams and food supplements to bio-composites, plants are commonly used in our daily life, but are also increasingly overexploited. There is therefore a considerable interest in producing plant-based molecules, for the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industries, for example.

By modulating the genetic parameters of apple cells to transform them into so-called plant stem cells, as well as modulating the parameters of the bioreactors in which they are growing, LIST offers its industrial partners a massive and unlimited production of triterpene, a molecule familly known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

But LIST plant biotechnologies do not stop there…get ready to discover the many other applications!

BOOTH 3: Bringing In situ Learning to the factory - Learning by doing

Although high industrial productivity can be seen as a guarantee of profitability, regular changes in staff and production tasks tend to hamper these results. Indeed, machines such as CNCs require specific training to ensure proper handling and avoid risks.

Committed to helping its industrial partners to move forward to an Industry 4.0, LIST has developed an integrated and IoT-based system enabling CNC machine users to be trained directly on-site. This means that there is no forced shutdown of production since users are trained more quickly and benefit from the LIST feedback-based system. Learn more about how this innovative system can unlock your industry potential

BOOTH 4: Detecting airborne chemical compounds with low power microsensors

Air pollution is one of the world’s main environmental risks, causing 8 million premature deaths annually. Monitoring the indoor and outdoor spatial distribution of airborne chemical compounds - such as nitrogen oxides (NOX) or volatile organic compounds (VOC) - is therefore becoming a major stake. However, it requires a dense network of miniaturized devices. This is an important issue considering how bulky the gas detectors current sold on the market are.

LIST aims to address this challenge, raised by its partner ST Microelectronics, by developing an innovative microsensor: an ultra-miniaturized, low-power, low-cost gas sensor that can monitor the distribution of chemical compounds in the air with unprecedented spatial resolution.

And how about integrating it into portable electronics and IoT autonomous devices to improve air quality monitoring? Discover our ambitions!

BOOTH 5: Communicating transparent antennas for smart buildings, smart vehicles, and space applications

At the dawn of 5G deployment and its related technologies, such as IoT objects, a growing number of antennas are expected to appear in an environment that already has numerous antennas, and which are not always aesthetic. To foster a digitized, modern and sustainable society, LIST designed a brand-new technology with existing transparent communicating antenna ensuring 5G compatibility while showing energy recovery capabilities.

As autonomous sensor units, these transparent antennas integrated in a glass receive data from environmental sensors with Bluetooth communication, which they transmit to our smartphones.

From smart buildings, smart vehicles to space, LIST technology has the potential to open many forms of applications

BOOTH 6: A new generation of sustainable-by-design bioplastics

As one of the major environmental issues of our century, plastic pollution raises critical challenges that LIST research is trying to overcome through the development of new sustainable and smart materials. Indeed, the plastic family known as thermosets is commonly used for its interesting properties but cannot be reprocessed or recycled, leading to its disposal in landfills.  

So, how can LIST innovations tackle these major issues? By developing high performance plastics with an arrangeable chemical structure, allowing the recycling or the self-healing.

They furthermore come from renewable and biobased feedstocks, and are manufactured following a green process. From the molecular design is originating the sustainability of the material.

Let’s discover this new bioplastic that could be of great interest to the space, aeronautic, automotive and transportation sectors.

 BOOTH 7: Empower your business with LIST’s Solution for Data Analytics & AI

All business types, whether in the private or public sectors, are on a quest to extract more value from their data and offer differentiating services. Usually, this entails a substantial investment into infrastructure and competencies associated with technologies like Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, which many organizations will not go for without the assurance of proven ROI.

In an effort to break down these barriers, LIST has a catalogue of services for those willing to engage in creating innovative data-centric services, as well as all related high-grade tools and technology infrastructures specifically designed to help them leverage AI solutions and test their ideas in technologically and economically sound conditions.

Sandboxing such novel concepts and services applies to a broad set of domains, including Industry 4.0, FinTech, logistics, policymaking, and B2B / B2C services delivery.

BOOTH 8: Luxembourg's Digital Twin: from vision to action!

A digital twin is a virtual representation of physical systems (traffic, water, air etc.) and physical assets (buildings, resources etc.) that can create simulations, tests and predictions of planned actions almost in real-time. A twin is essentially used to get information on an action in a simulated world, before the action is carried out in the real world, opening up enormous opportunities for citizens, companies and authorities alike.

For example, devastating climate scenarios and impacts urge society to make a fast shift to renewable energies in order to terminate fossil fuel dependencies. LIST has developed a web-based platform where the energy transition can be mapped across entire cities, regions and nations worldwide at a very high resolution. Renewable energy potentials can be computed to efficiently identify potentials for energy production and related investments across entire digital twins.

But LIST hasn’t stopped there! Come and discover two other use case applications of the National Digital Twin offering a complementary view of technologies that are being developed and tested at LIST.


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