LIST's top 10 most read news articles of 2020

Published on 29/12/2020

2020 has been rather special yet busy year at LIST.  Discover, or rediscover the 10 stories that attracted the most visits by our readers:

1. Detect COVID-19 by cough and voice analysis

Muhannad Ismael and his team are developing a smart system capable of identifying COVID-19 infection through patient voice signatures. An innovative approach that could limit the dangers of physical exposure, but also help the medical profession manage overcrowded call centres during a pandemic.

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2. A Cross-functional dashboard of COVID-19 Luxembourg TaskForce projects

LIST has set up a Cross-Functional Dashboard, which aims, on the one hand, to support decision-makers in crisis situations such as COVID-19, by offering them (1 ) a ‘mock-up’ view but nevertheless as complete as possible of the current situation and (2) a means of visualising the impacts of different scenarios (scenario-based collective decision support system) in order to reach a results taking into account the different calculations to be carried out.

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3. Luxembourg to strengthen its research activities in lightweight composite materials

The positioning of the project, at the crossroads of science, technology and engineering of composites, will allow the development of the Luxembourg composites industry and promote innovative developments in the aerospace sector, among others.

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4. Luxembourg is joining forces with ESA to create a unique "European Space Resources Innovation Centre" to be established in the Grand Duchy

This centre aims to become an internationally recognised centre of expertise from a scientific, technical, commercial and economic point of view for the use of space resources in human and robotic exploration, as well as for a future space economy.

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5. A new mechanism made by LIST for bone regeneration

Alongside their European partners, David Duday and his team have developed a unique and personalised approach to promote bone tissue regeneration.

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6. Presence of SARS-COV-2 in wastewater: first conclusive results of the CORONASTEP study

On Wednesday 18 May, LIST sent its first report to the national taskforce concerning the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in Luxembourg wastewater (CORONASTEP study). This indirect virus surveillance technique enables early detection of its circulation in the population.

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7. Microscopic research "made in Luxembourg" receives the innovation award from an international journal

A revolutionary technology in microscopy, developed by LIST and produced in Luxembourg, has been recognised abroad and awarded by a renowned international journal in this field.

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8. Towards new materials for hydrogen production

Thanks to new equipment and a second partnership with 3D-Oxides, LIST is positioning itself as a major international player in the hydrogen sector.

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9. Detection of the COVID-19 virus in the early stages

The Viranostic project aims to develop diagnostic devices that can detect COVID-19 infections at an early stage, using the genetic material of the virus.

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10. A step towards the fridges of tomorrow?

Researchers from LIST's materials department published an article in the prestigious Science magazine. A rare achievement for a major breakthrough in heat materials.

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