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Published on 21/08/2017 launched the first science journalism contest entitled “Science for everyone!” in June 2017. The aim of the contest was to allow individuals working in research and innovation in Luxembourg to share their research or passion for a specific subject, or to engage in a discussion on the latest scientific discoveries. has recently announced the awardees. Among them, Barbara Glaser, PhD student within the Catchment and Eco-hydrology research group of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) where research focuses on a better understanding of the influence of different physiographic factors on catchment response behaviour and hydrological processes, was awarded the 1st prize.

Thanks to her article entitled "Farbenprächtige Überschwemmungsgebiete: Wie Wärmebilder zu einem verbesserten Hochwassermanagement beitragen können" (“Colorful flooding zones: How thermal images can contribute to a better flood management”), highlighting a research methodology using thermal cameras for flood monitoring, Barbara Glaser is one of the two winners of the first prize. Throughout her article, she explained the research carried out by LIST researchers within the context of flood risks, an aspect of her thesis project. We learn in Barbara's article how researchers intend to use thermal imaging cameras to visualize flooding processes and therefore identify the areas most prone to flooding.

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